Absolutely valuable

Absolut is a professional and flexible communication and events agency, operating since 2001 in Bologna. It’s rich in different skills, composed by eclectic people and it has a strong and complementary experience in communication, marketing and events.

We promise to our customers quality, commitment and results.

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years of fieldwork
obsession: quality and results

Communicating Bologna, communicating in Bologna

Strong knowledge of the territory, relationships with local institutions, transversality of action and thought and ability to operate in all areas of communication and event planning make us an ideal partner to communicate in Bologna. Absolut is one the founders of Federeventi Bologna and it has a strong heritage of relationships in the territory of the city and in the Emilia-Romagna Region.


Communication and events for public administration

Interdisciplinarity, knowledge of the needs of the public administration and public communication to the citizens, matured in many projects and over 15 years in business make Absolut a good partner for public clients and businesses characterized by a mixed private and public shareholding.

Absolut managed a lot of projects for the public administration, in which it made the most of its double role of communication and events agency. As recipient or winner of public announcements, it organized with excellent results institutional events, conferences and conventions and it realized advertising and btl communication with target both the citizenship and the operators of the public administration.


Our values

The compliance with the commitments

The continuous innovation and improvement

The quality as an essencial element

Intelligence, professionalism and creativity


“Bewared of the customer, timely and efficient. Precise and on time even in situations which need rapid intervention, they speed/shoot/whizz through “the” traffic of daily operations.” Paolo Colle (Marketing director – Veneta Cucine)

“I met the staff of Absolut/ Absolut staff only 1 year ago, but I feel like I know them for ages. Professional, expert, reliable and never banal, here’s how I could define them. They have always proposed themselves proactively, succeeding the appointed objective and working with high professionalism and independently. Careful, pragmatic and creative. Not only a communication agency but also an excellent partner you can rely on.” Francesca Ravaioli (Product Manager Guaber – Coloreria Italiana)

“They were good to decline our needs on a pack very innovative and efficient.”. Andrea Parravicini (Sales Manager/Commercial Manager – Relevi)