Absolutely effective

In a dynamic and extremely competitive context, we offer a personalized strategy, ad hoc tools, effectiveness and efficiency.

To create value and give the best returns to your investments.

ATL and BTL communication

Off line & on line Visual
Trade and consumer folders
Photos, videos and post-production
Advertising In-store communication
Communication for events

Corporate e brand identity, packaging

Corporate logos & identity
Brand & product naming
Packaging design

Web and digital communication

Responsive websites design and development
Website and social media content management
Inbound marketing
Adwords and pay per click campaigns
Digital Media planning and buying

Events for businesses and public administration

Conventions, meetings, gala dinners
Conferences and congresses
Institutional and corporate events
Commercial events
Incentive events
Open House and Company events

Fairs and booths settings up

Fairs organisations, communication and management
Fair booths
Events production
Visual Communication in-location

PR and press office

Press Office and media relations off line & on line
Institutional PR
Events for media and stakeholders

Strategical consultancy

Corporate, Brand and Product Marketing Consultancy
For BtoB and BtoC markets
Co-marketing activities
Media planning and buying

Incentive and promotions

Trade and sales incentive (fuel cards, prepaid credit cards)

Direct marketing

Direct marketing BtoB and BtoC
Direct mailing, e-mailing, telemarketing
Lead Generation