• Creative strategy and communication concept
  • Press office
  • Social media strategy & management
  • Viral marketing
  • SEM & online advertising
  • Digital engagement & contest
  • Copywriting & content editing

Giving a voice to smart life

Modena is transformed into an urban prototype of practices, examples, ideas of life made possible by digital. All this, as part of the first edition of Festival After Futuri Digitali (Digital Futures) – Modena Smart Life, promoted on the initiative of the Emilia-Romagna Region and Lepida Scpa, in collaboration with the Municipality of Modena and numerous other institutional and associative subjects.
A hundred events including conferences, talks, and practical demonstrations wind their way through the buildings, squares, and other places in the area, allowing us to imagine together what the future will be – or rather how it already is. We have the task of coordinating all communication and promotion activities, pre, during, and after the event, to ensure its full success.

An evocative and widespread concept

The first step consists in the development of the communication strategy. Around the concept “Evolution is visible to the eyes”, inspired by the imaginative richness of the Little Prince, Saint-Exupery’s masterpiece, we set up a communication and dissemination plan on and offline.
We also design and implement a press office activity that is important in terms of the volume of news and breadth of the media and sectors touched, given the transversal and pervasive impact of digitization, taking care of its dissemination on classic and digital media.

An all-round digital challenge

Among other things, the plan includes a robust digital communication strategy: SEM plan, social management (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), content editing, video production, and reportage. We take care of all this, and much more, by communicating with the institutional partners and the sponsoring companies of the project, creating further engagement through a national photographic challenge.
At the heart of these activities, the creation of content and visual storytelling disseminated through social networks, identifying influencers and targeted virtual communities, to develop a virtuous “word of mouth” process.

The web, the live news, the results

During the days of the Festival, through the live social media and the action of the press office, we tell the innovations, the protagonists and the faces of the exhibition, producing and disseminating new contents every day (press releases, photos, video interviews, clips) and interacting with journalists at a local and national level. A coordinated and integrated strategy, to encourage physical participation in the show and its media coverage.

Participation and involvement: results visible to the eyes

The results of the digital strategy are very rewarding: over 300,000 users reached on Facebook view videos and other content published 75,000 times; 700 participants in the Instagram challenge; 25,000 sessions and 65,000 pages viewed on the festival website.
These numbers are the result of intense digital activity, which projects the festival’s hashtag on Twitter trend topics throughout the entire event. Further confirmation of the great attention we have managed to convey to the event.