• Strategic consulting
  • Institutional PR towards public and private subjects
  • Press office and media relations
  • Offline advertising
  • BTL tools

Open more then 40 years ago, Centergross is the most important European pole of the Made in Italy fast fashion and services, it gathers 700 companies and it is visited by 10.000 buyers a day from all over the world.


Strengthen relations with institutions, local public administrators and all the players of excellence of the production system.
Increase the visibility and the reputation of Centergross in the local context.
Facilitate the entry of new companies and new entrepreneurs in the complex.


A heterogeneous and mature target.

An audience composed of both businessmen by public administration managers. To be contacted and engaged in the activities promoted by the Center, to create or strengthen relationships.

One-to-one communication and relationships.

We have worked to create institutional relationships and convergence reports on cross-cutting projects in the local area. We have devoted attention and a specific approach to every single relationship, to find the common ground of interest and strengthen the convergence of objectives.

The reputation grows, the business grows.

Communication on the press of the fashion and of the financial sector and relationships with the local media produced a strong visibility and facilitated the entry of new entrepreneurs in the Centergross, contributing to the growth of the centre and of its turnover.


Consolidation of relationships with local administrations.
Creation of a strong net with other actors of excellence of the local production system.
Entry of new firms of the fashion and services sector.
20% reduction of unoccupied spaces within the Centergross.
Increased partnerships and relations with foreign countries