• Visual identity
  • Organizational secretariat
  • Hybrid event production & direction
  • Social streaming & sharing

Communicate and organize events in the event

The cycle of initiatives “DAD – Didattica a distanza. Una, nessuna… centomila?” is part of the eighth edition of the Festival of Technical Culture. Five events in the event, carried out in mixed mode, live and remotely, for an open discussion on the impact of distance learning. With a focus on the experiences lived by the protagonists – teachers, students, parents, and operators – and on the best practices learned. To treasure what we have learned. We at Absolut, for years the communicative engine of the Festival, have the task of creating attention on the new initiative, guaranteeing the optimal execution of the meetings, taking care of both the organizational aspects and those of production and technical direction, and leveraging social media as a fundamental amplifier of their results.

An artistic visual

From Pirandello’s philosophy to Magritte’s Man with a Bowler Hat: a journey into the world of art, for a visual identity to remember. The creativity associated with the cycle of initiatives is boosted by posters, programs, and web pages created ad hoc for each scheduled meeting.

First of all, the organization

2 locations, 5 meetings, 33 speakers, and hundreds of participants (face to face and online), which we manage with competence and flexibility. We provide our strategic and operational consultancy and take care of all aspects of the organizational secretariat. From the contact with the speakers to the management of members; from the relationship with the scientific secretariat to cooperation with the technical services. Thanks to our coordination, the events take place successfully in their double hybrid formula: in presence, for those who can attend, and remotely for those who need to participate remotely.

On social media and beyond

All scheduled events can be attended live or remotely, through the Zoom digital event platform or via live streaming on the website and YouTube channel of the Technical Culture Festival. Which still today showcases the cycle of events, with recordings and in-depth materials accessible online.