• Brand design and brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Offline communication
  • Below the line
  • Visual communication of the event

The magic of chocolate

Cioccoshow is the artisan chocolate exhibition that animates the centre of Bologna for five days and attracts about 350.000 visitors. With the presentation in New York made by BolognaFiere and CNA, it was elected one of the main attractions for the incoming of Bologna.
Absolut for 10 years is the agency that supports BFS as communication consultant. We developed the brand restyling, packaging designs, the annual advertising campaign and the widespread visual communication of the event in the city center of Bologna, plus the “mascotte”, everpresent during the event.

Surrender is sweet

Cioccoshow is addictive. This is well known by the hundreds of thousands of visitors, the over 75.000 followers of its social media and all the gourmets of Bologna. From this year, Cioccoshow creates “Independence”: the event moves at the start of the historic “Via Indipendenza”, the most famous entering Bologna centre, in Piazza XX Settembre. The most awaited appointment with artisan chocolate makers has a new home, doesn’t stop to bewitch and gives a new light to yet another part of the City’s heart.


The logo of Cioccoshow restyled by Absolut and the CS monogram that accompanies it express the Bolognese roots and the chic essence of the event.


Absolut has designed the packaging that contains the most significant creations of the Bolognese master chocolatiers, which have been brought to New York as witnesses of the art and the creativity of the city.

Under the sign of good chocolate

Twelve signs of the zodiac made by chocolate artisans are the creative idea of the campaign for the twelfth edition of Cioccoshow.

Guide to the temptations

The catalogue of the event, encyclopaedia of goodies: Is it a work of a communication agency or of a tempter demon?

Follow the taste

Visual communication disseminated in the hubs of the old town takes visitors to discover a sensory experience to remember. Follow the taste, follow the chocolate!