Client: Metropolitan City of Bologna

Project MADRE: Metropolitan Agriculture for Developing an innovative, sustainable and Responsible Economy

  • Visual identity: logo and corporate image
  • BTL: roll-ups, posters, brochures
  • Production of thematic gadgets
  • Press Office
  • Social media strategy and social media management
  • Website management
  • Event organization

Absolut wins a tender among Communication and Event Organization Agencies and is charged by the Metropolitan City of Bologna to take care of every aspect of communication for the European project MADRE, of which the client is partner together with other 6 European realities. Goal of the project is to promote urban and peri-urban agriculture as a mean of developing an innovative, sustainable and responsible economy in the metropolises of the Mediterranean basin.

Visual identity: the womb of life

Absolut defines the initiative visual identity, starting from the design of the logo, present on all the communication material: the silhouette of a woman, the “mother” in collective imagination, who contains in her womb the city, lovingly protected by a motherly hand, symbolizing the union between nature and human, the fusion of the spaces of agriculture and the urban ones.

A coherent and well characterized system of communication

Other than the “classic” communication material (posters, roll-ups, informative brochures in Italian, English and French) Absolut also designed the gadgets distributed during the international meetings: a shopper made of natural materials and a bookmark, which point contains some seeds to be planted and farmed; these objects are all biodegradable and in line with MADRE thematic, thus communicating also in their making values and goals of the project.

Digital communication: a constant presence

On the digital side, the agency is present on every channel with wide-covering editorial plans. The content editing involves both the project website, showcase of the initiatives and progresses of MADRE, and the project social media, with the systematic production of original contents and the sharing of “cool” and trending topics inherent with the projects.

The events, an occasion to summarize and share

Absolut takes care of the international seminar and meeting of the partners in Bologna, taking place inside Palazzo Malvezzi, seat of the Metropolitan City of Bologna, following every organizational aspect (simultaneous translation service, catering, materials needed for the progress of the works) as well as the diffusion of information about the event and convivial moments, all according to the thematic and style of the project.

The Press Office broadens the boundaries

The promotion of MADRE and its related activities has been reinforced through a national-level Press Office activity, which gave the initiative visibility both on general-interest and specialized magazines, thanks to the production of press releases, encouragement and contents both in Italian and English.