• Classic & digital communication
  • Video production
  • Website & web-gis
  • Press office

Technology at the service of the environment

The Italian-French IMPACT project, included in the 2014-2020 Interreg Program, saw us act in synergy with a network of international partners coordinated by CNR-ISMAR. Common goal: the communication and promotion of the activities carried out to combine conservation marine protected areas with the development of port activities for the areas of Livorno, La Spezia, Toulon, and Bastia.

All forms of communication

High-precision information and content inserted in high-impact graphic layouts: this is the mix chosen to hit the mark in communication, guaranteeing IMPACT growing visibility online and offline, thanks to brochures, leaflets, infographics, posters, and newsletters created in the three languages of the project (Italian, English, and French).

Social media and press office, how to ride the wave

A great project to be communicated for a long time. We managed it by developing a targeted strategy for each channel. We animated the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles of the project by actively involving the Italian-French stakeholders and dialoguing with the generalist and sector media. Over 50 releases were obtained, including a report on the Futuro 24 television broadcast.


With videos, it’s a whole other story

The story is that of the exciting journey of a red gorgonian larva and its encounter with a dangerous pollutant particle, told through an animated video that manages to explain simply the great work done by the researchers. And then there is also reportage of sea trips for monitoring campaigns and other filmings to document the progress of the project.

A website, with a web-gis platform, for consulting all the geospatial data collected

The set of communication tools created also includes a website of an informative nature and a platform with a high technological component for the publication of complex geographic data (web-GIS, web Geographical Information System), available to scientists and stakeholders to take advantage of important discoveries. obtained from the project.

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