• PR strategy and media relations
  • Press office and online/offline media relations
  • Participation to exhibitions
  • Co-marketing in the social sector

Coloreria Italiana is the brand leader in the market of the dyes for clothing and household linen, with the 92% of market share, and it’s purchased by more than 2 million Italian families.


Increase the awareness of the brand and the diffusion of the product range. Boost the increase of the  customer base, proposing and suggesting new and different uses of products.


Creativity for strategy

We acted on product positioning: Coloreria Italiana isn’t only a simple dye and regenerator of tissue but a tool to express personal taste and creativity.

Coloreria is fantasy

Thanks to a strong online and offline public relations action we reported that to use Coloreria is easy and safe and above all that there are many of ways and opportunities to use the product: Coloreria is fantasy.

The importance of handshake

We met editors and freelance journalists, bloggers, fashion artists and the public, many consumers and potential members, at the fair, where we brought Coloreria as a reference for casual-chic creative woman, accompanied by a young designer with his beautiful creations. Activity co-marketing with Fanep Onlus and the Creative Hospital  has made the brand more human and closer to its public.


Online and offline press office: 127 outputs, 350-400 K€ of value
Facebook: +18.000 followers
Brand awareness: 80%