Colour, vivacity and energy: International Games of the Tricolour

  • Press and posters communication campaign
  • Social media
  • Video reportage of the event
  • Daily chronicle
  • Press office and digital PR

A big international event for the sport and the city of Reggio Emilia: five days of competitions, shows and events that animate the city of the Tricolour hosting athletes, performers, artists and delegations from all over the world in a big party which is attended by all the city.

After winning the tender promoted by the municipality of Reggio Emilia, Absolut follows the games in advertising and PR actions, taking care of the advertising campaign, the social media visibility, the video animation and the relationships with press and media.

Opening ceremony with the former Italian skier Massimo Razzoli as torchbearer , music, conferences and a lot of fun, street food with the popular Chef Rubio, manufacturers and sommelier of the region.