• Organizational secretariat
  • Physical and digital event management
  • Technical direction and production coordination
  • Visual identity

A hybrid event, highly professional

CNCP, the National Coordination of Professional Counselors, gathers its members on an annual basis to participate in the National Congress, dedicated to particularly topical issues, and the General Assembly of members for the renewal of corporate offices. On the occasion of the last appointment, we received the task of designing and managing the hybrid event, which took place over two days both face to face and online, overseeing the organizational secretarial activities, virtual direction, coordination of technical production, and the creation of promotional materials.

A flexible and effective coordinated image

The work begins by creating a visual that, drawing on the stylistic features of the associative logo, suggests a conceptual interpretation of the congress theme. It is the starting point of a flexible and effective coordinated image system which, together with the save the date and the program, also includes various functional elements for the branding of digital environments. From informative and service web pages to the virtual location set up for the streaming online.

Step two: OrganizAction

Then we turn on the engines of the organizational machine, taking care of the collection of online subscriptions and the following informative activities functional to the sending of details on the modalities of participation. In parallel, we manage the relations with the speakers, involving them, among other things, in the technical tests of the online platform.

Finally on stage!

Finally, we go on stage, on-site, and online, supervising all organizational and technical aspects. Among other things, we manage the reserved accesses for over 600 online members, coordinate the technical direction, which ranges from filming of the interventions in the room to managing the speakers connected remotely (including support for the pojection of slides, video and music inserts), and we supervise live streaming and moderation of works in real-time. We carry out this articulated and complex task by the Cavour Congress Center in Rome and our offices in Bologna to guarantee assistance, even by phone, to all participants.