• Strategic and creative consultancy
  • Visual identity
  • Communication campaigns and event promotion
  • Event organization
  • Website design and management
  • Social media strategy & management
  • Press office

The knowledge and know-how of the territory

Since 2014, the year the event was launched, we have been alongside the Metropolitan City of Bologna, the Municipality of Bologna, and the Emilia-Romagna Region for the promotion of the Festival of Technical Culture, divided into a calendar of initiatives and events aimed at students, families, institutions, schools, and companies to enhance technical culture and related education and training courses.
Initially organized only in the metropolitan area of Bologna, from 2018 the event has extended to the entire regional territory, with 8 additional provincial editions, for a total of over 500 events.

A highly recognizable visual identity

To spread awareness and recognition of the Festival over the years, we have designed and developed its visual identity over the years, declining it in all communication activities, including for example posters, playbills, and other below the line tools.

Web and digital: showcases to generate engagement

The visual identity also returns to the Festival website, the main showcase of scheduled events, conceived and managed by us as well as the social channels, a tool of fundamental importance for increasing the engagement and popularity of the event through integrated editorial management and community management.

Events: the soul of the Festival

During the various editions, we have taken care of the organization of the main events of the Festival.
Among these, the Fair of Ideas, the annual opening event promoted to present the training offer of the technical and professional institutes of the event to citizens, teachers, and students, with their direct involvement in practical and demonstrative activities.

Press office and public relations: spreading the value

Finally, for the promotion and maximum success of the event, we take care of the press office, public relations, and coordination activities between the institutional subjects involved in the project, ensuring important results both in terms of media coverage by national and local newspapers, and for what concerns the turnout and participation in the events.