Client: Metropolitan City of Bologna and Municipality of Bologna

  • Strategic and creative consultancy
  • Design of the logo and corporate image
  • Communication and promotional campaign for the scheduled event
  • Event organization
  • Visual communication inside the location
  • Website realization
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Press Office

The Technical Culture Festival, which in June 2017 reached its 4th edition, is a showcase of events part of the “Metropolitan Strategy Plan 2.0” of the Metropolitan City of Bologna and is framed inside the National Operative Programme Nazionale (PON) “Metropolitan Cities 2014 – 2020”. Goal of the Festival is to foster technical knowledge and education as a fundamental resource of a territory hosting some of the main realities in global mechatronics. Absolut has been a partner of the Festival since its founding, participating in the operative table which designed it and taking care of every organizational, managerial and communication aspect.

The visual identity: a strongly recognizable format

Absolut created the Festival corporate image, designing the logo and all the communication and information material, like posters, and leaflets. Also active on the web side, the agency created and managed the website, online showcase and calendar of the many events composing the initiative, and managed all the event’s social media, thus enhancing awareness on the Technical Culture Festival, spreading its rich programme and promoting its values.

The events: the soul of the Festival

Absolut is present in the organization of the main appointments of the Festival, taking care of their visual communication and operative management. Specifically, the agency manages the “Fair of Ideas”, opening event of the Festival, aiming to let the citizens know the competences and skills of the technical and professional schools of the territory, and other recurring events, like the one about gender issues inside technical school, called “Are they male stuff?” in the most recent edition.

Press Office and Public Relations: the diffusion of the value

Together with the Client, Absolut manages the Press Office activities and part of the coordination and relationship work with the institutional subjects and territorial entities involved in the project. The work done and the relationships interwoven in the years have been rewarding for the event, with great public participation and a wide media coverage both on the territory and by national journals and televisions.