CLIENT: SANA – BolognaFiere

  • Press Office
  • External Relations
  • Digital and Conventional PR
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Design and production of videos
  • Sales Office for the Green lifestyle sector

We give voice (and hashtag) to the Fair of the Organic and Natural.

The International Exhibition of Organic and Natural SANA is the leading trade fair in Italy in the area of organic and natural products. Absolut joins BolognaFiere for a multiannual cooperation in the production of contents and in the relations with the media, with the companies and the organizations of the Organic industry, and with the institutional bodies and stakeholders. We also take care of the creation and editing of contents for the social media Facebook and Twitter, and we are the engine of the “live” during the event, inside the Exhibition Centre, flanking BolognaFiere and all the actors participating in SANA.

Success with the public and media coverage

SANA achieved great success with the public and exhibitors (35,000 visitors, 850 exhibitors, 52.000 square meters of exhibition), and a striking result from the media. The final press review report of the traditional and digital PR activity, which includes TG, other television programs, newspapers and national magazines, web magazines and online, exceeds 1000 pages.

30 years of organic, 30 years of SANA: the video-story of a success

For the event 30th edition, Absolut creates 4 videos: one institutional and 3 devoted to each of SANA market sectors. The videos, broadcasted on the event social networks and on screens during the Fair, are the storytelling describing the role of protagonist of SANA and its exhibitor in the context of Italian organic and natural market.

The web becomes “green”: SANA social media

Important results also for the social media: SANA Facebook profile, reached 24.000 fans (+45% in two editions) – surpassing both the Italian and international competitors – and an average of 130.000 daily users. The Instagram channel reaches 6.000 followers and 100.000 viewings. 4.600 are the Twitter followers (+15% in two editions), with a total of 200.000 viewings and the official hashtag #SANA18 becoming a national trend topic during the exhibit days.

#SANA30th: a photo challenge to celebrate the 30 years anniversary

Absolut takes care of the development of the #SANA30th Instagram challenge, organized in collaboration with Igers Italia; the users have the task to immortalize in a photo their arrangements for an ideal birthday party, in an organic and natural fashion. The initiative was extremely rewarding: with 1.600 submitted photos and the participation of acknowledged influencers, it had an important role in fostering the success of the event social media channels.

Sana’s Green Lifestyle: the many faces of a sustainable living

As Sale Office, we take care of the development and positioning of SANA’s Green lifestyle section. The strategy involves the division of the exhibit offer in 6 segments to which give relevance and visibility: Home & Office, Mom & Kids, Clothing & Textile, Pet & Garden, Hobby & Sport e Travel & Wellness. Thanks to the strengthening of the communication and commercial action, with the search for qualified exhibitors and the care for the pre- and in-event phases, the Green Lifestyle sector registers a 20% growth of its exhibition space, together with a visible change in the quality of the offer and of the layout of the showcase.

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