G.D. – Coesia

  • International advertising campaign

Technology and Innovation: towards cutting-edge communication

Continuing our multi-year collaboration with G.D., the flagship of the tobacco division of the multinational packaging company Coesia, we have created new advertising subjects dedicated to the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions for the development of new and advanced machinery, solutions, and services. A constant injection of innovation confirming the brand’s leading role worldwide.

Shaping the Future: augmented knowledge

G.D. is a world leading Company for the development of production solutions in the tobacco market, also thanks to the use of latest generation technologies. Augmented reality, virtual reality, predictive systems and big data analysis, make it possible to provide customers with excellent solutions and services. The skills and know-how of G.D and Coesia, amplified thanks to the most advanced technology, allow to imagine innovation and then translate it into concrete reality.

Changing Paths: Thinking out of the box

The new solutions proposed by G.D. are also an invitation to think outside the box, to expand business horizons. The latest generation of SNUS packaging machines – an advanced mix of flexibility, performance, and practicality – is, for example, the ideal starting point to abandon the prejudices on a commercial category which, after having lived a glorious past, is making a comeback with a second youth.

Remote services: always close to clients

G.D. also uses the latest generation technologies to make extremely advanced remote assistance services and solutions available to customers. These include support interventions during the installation and maintenance of the machines, and advanced training activities for technicians and operators. The concrete proof – effectively summarized by visual and copy – that digital can reduce distances to the point of eliminating them and lead to a sense of closeness with customers previously unthinkable.

Thinking green: to do bit things big

Sustainability has always been a founding value of G.D., not only in the choices regarding internal production processes, but in the very design and construction of machinery that are natively green, to spread this virtuous thought also to the circle of all recipients. Because, as the adv points out, the great results, also in terms of sustainability, as well as performance and business, cannot be separated from far-sighted sowing work.

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