• Integrated campaign of classic and digital communication
  • Logo restyling
  • Social media
  • Video reportage of the event
  • Daily chronicle
  • Press office and digital PR

Color, vivacity and energy: International Tricolor Games

A major international event for sports and the city of Reggio Emilia: 7 days of competitions, shows and events animate the city of the Tricolor, which welcomes athletes, performers, artists and delegations from all over the world in a big party, attended by all the city. Absolut follows the Games for two consecutive editions, taking care of the logo restyling, the advertising campaign, the social media visibility, the video animation and the relationships with press and media.

The logo and adv campaign: the identity enclosed in an image

A simple and essential yet effective restyling: 5 curved, colored lines recalling the Olympic rings and the plurality of colors and multiculturalism which are at the root of the event. The result is a logo faithful to the original one, but lighter and more elegant, effectively symbolizing the founding values of the International Tricolor Games. In the classic and digital coordinated advertising campaign, the logo is the focal element and frame inside which the visual storytelling of the event takes place: in billboards, press releases, web and videos, the coordinated image tells the Tricolor Games and their values with a unique and unmistakable pattern.

The video-teaser: giving body and voice to the founding values

To announce in an emotional and direct way the launch of the Games, dedicated in 2018 to the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth, Absolut develops a video-teaser using the words of the South African leader about the power of sports as a force of positive change, together with many images of the initiative. The result is an evocative video, which calls to life the values of the Tricolor Games and highlights their international value and their mission to establish bridges between people, cultures and races.

Digital communication, a tale about an international experience

Social media management is characterized by a thorough live coverage of the events, including the publication of over 15 videoclips and of many innovative and interactive contents, such as 360° images, GIFs and stories. Results were not long in coming: 450.000 digital users are reached, generating a total of 130.000 interactions. The social media channels earn about 2000 followers, with over 2500 user generated content published on Instagram. The official hashtag #3colorgames18 becomes a trend topic on Twitter during the days of the event.