CLIENT: Io Guido Car Sharing

  • Posters campaign
  • Web communication
  • Email Marketing
  • Sms campaign
  • Visual communication on the cars

The communication as an equation:
Zero management costs + zero circulation limits = zero reasons for not trying the car sharing!

A multimedia advertising campaign – billboards, web, direct mail, sms, DEM – to communicate the pluses of the Car Sharing.

A contest of ideas and creativity to create the new look of the car fleet, won by a young men from Val d’Aosta region. An exhibition of the works in Bologna city center, in Sala Borsa.

The new car of Io Guido presented by Giuseppina Gualtieri, Tper President, during the 2016 Mobility Week.


A widespread networking with Industrial and Commerce Company Associations and the major local Professional Communities  to promote the use of car sharing through agreements and conventions.


For those who do not use the car sharing, there are no apologies!