• Digital communication strategy
  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Social media management
  • Press office

Communicate with style, even digitally

After the first years of life spent launching and growing the brand in traditional sales contexts, Innbamboo The Original, a Florentine manufacturer of scarves, bags, shoes and other garments and accessories in bamboo yarn and other green and sustainable materials, decides to also focus on digital to broaden the customer base.
To do this, he chooses to make use of our experience, asking us for support in terms of strategy, conception, design and execution that increases the recognition of the brand, and invites more and more people to color their lives with a lifestyle designed to combine the love for Italian art and craftsmanship tradition, with respect for nature and the environment.

A “responsive storytelling” to enhance the values of the brand

Our work alongside the customer begins with the planning of a communication strategy that finds the main outlet and expression channel on digital media, and in particular on social media, but includes storytelling capable of enhancing the values and qualities of the brand even on the most consolidated promotional tools. Among others, catalogs and company profiles.

Giving voice to good ideas

To spread brand awareness, we act as a press office, working closely with the customer to account for the main innovations that mark his path.
First of all, the marketing of masks for civilian use with bright and vibrant tones, as a natural continuation of a previous solidarity initiative that had seen the brand producing and donating masks, during the most acute phase of the Covid-19 emergency.

The social statement: green is beautiful!

The digital story of a brand with unique and peculiar characteristics takes shape on social media, through a constant and accurate editorial planning and production activity that includes textual content, visuals, and audio-video clips.
A journey into the world of style conceived and promoted with a very innovative approach. All this is guided by a sensitivity that marries aesthetics and green with a fresh and original interpretation, and that finds in our expertise and dedication the right complement to be enhanced in the best way.