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IPC METHOD® – Intensive Personal Circuit Method is an integrated system, able to offer the competence, technology and service needed to guarantee certain and satisfying results for the care and beauty of the body, together with health and psychological and physical wellbeing.

Chich in black

Absolut designed the brand identity and contributed to IPC Method positioning. The IPC Method logo is redesigned on a elegant and glamourous background, a stardust that characterises every element of the brand packaging and communication.

Elegance to communicate value

IPC Method packaging is an exclusive dress, modern and minimalist in materials and design, where the logo stands off, embellished by carefully balanced, high-value print effects.

Get thinner eating

The promise IPC Method makes in its advertising campaign is simple and tremendously effective: it is possibile to lose in a stable way up to 12 kilos and 19 centimeters in three months, without renouncing the pleasure of food but eating in a regular, tasty way, with a healty, customized dietary path, together with treatment and monitoring with state-of-the-art instruments.

The value of the Below The Line

The consumer catalogue, in a precious, tasteful dress, with a soft-touch cover, are described IPC Method spirit and its Body and Face applications, which provide for the cure of the face and body beauty problems thanks to a one-of-a-kind approach.

#CHANGE your body, change your life!

IPC Method website, completely original and unconventional for a company in the aesthetics business, is the reference to find information on IPC, on the Body and Face treatment and to change image, diet and style of life.

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