• Logo & visual identity
  • Communication campaign
  • Web design
  • Event organizational secretariat

Excellence in the spotlight, in the heart of the city

CNA Bologna has chosen us to promote communication and support it in the organizational management of various editions of Regali a Palazzo (Gifts at the Palace), the most important showcase for the excellence of Made in BO craftsmanship.
Four days of events and exhibitions for the discovery of the best of gastronomic, artistic production and in the sectors of fashion, goldsmithing, and publishing, in a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, at Palazzo Re Enzo, in the heart of Bologna.

The identity of the value in a logo

The promotion of the event begins with the conception and creation of the new logo. To make it happen, we let ourselves be inspired by the silhouette of Palazzo Re Enzo, the prestigious setting for the event. A choice that ideally puts in dialogue the architectural and historical beauty and that produced daily by craftsmanship. And in doing so, it returns all the value and the exclusive positioning of the exhibition.

A concept to tell the many faces of creativity

For one of the latest editions, our advertising campaign highlights the many faces of the people who, with their manual and artisan skills, create gifts of unique value. A container of stories to pay tribute to the artisans, always up-to-date interpreters of creativity, good taste, and the tradition of talent typical of our city.

Hands on exclusivity

For the next edition, we design a communication campaign dedicated to the inestimable value of craftsmanship. The protagonists of the campaign are the hands of the master craftsmen at work, with or without the aid of their tools and utensils. A visual message designed with care, to highlight the care and passion that manual work can instill in every creation.

An event on the front page

The communication of the event takes shape on the most important and prestigious space of the Resto del Carlino: the cover, transformed for the occasion into a wrapping which, in addition to enclosing the newspaper, allows to present the event and the scheduled appointments: to give to citizens and tourists a rich preview of the event.

The website: excellence goes digital

The artisanal excellences of Regalo a Palazzo also have an online showcase: the responsive website of our conception and realization. A container of images, testimonies, suggestions, and more news and service info, including the calendar of events, and details on the exhibitors.

Professionalism at the service of the organization

To make Gifts at the Palace an unmissable event, we support CNA in organizing the event, taking care of every detail. Management of exhibitors, set-ups and locations, services, and hospitality, managed with speed and competence, to provide an experience of excellence for both exhibitors and visitors.