• Product identity strategy
  • Naming, logo
  • Packaging design
  • Trade folder

Since over 50 years Relevi is partner of the most important Italian and foreign multinational corporates, producing useful products for house and home care for them and for the Modern Trade.

Relevi choose Absolut as strategical partner to create a new product line with a strong and characteristic positioning.


Creating the identity of a new product line for the protection and the fragrance of clothes, fresh and natural in the formulation, designed for large retailers, able to support for the market-leading brand.


The name is a guarantee

We chose the most simple and clear designation, to effectively communicate the usage of the new product line functions.
The brand is essential and at the same time evokes nature, with delicate and modern colors.
The form in which is enclosed draws the outline of Relevi brand.

The dress makes the difference.

The packaging shows at a glance the use of the products and their natural formula.
It communicates value and high ranking compared to the competitors of this market category, and ensures excellent visibility on the shelf.

Solid arguments

The catalogue for the presentation to the trade shows features and benefits, in a modern way, direct and effective, with the same natural style of the products.


The product line sales started in 2015.
It immediately met with great interest and intentions to purchase of category managers and buyers of the major national supermarkets chains.