• Brand design
  • Corporate identity
  • Offline advertising
  • Media planning
  • Outdoor signage and in-store visual communication

There are many Veneta Cucine stores on the national territory/nationally, such as that in Brescia, Bergamo, Osnago and Bologna, and in other cities.
Absolut created for them brand, institutional identity, ATL communication, indoor and outdoor visual communication.


Creating the identity of several new stores dedicated to the exclusive sale of Veneta Cucine.
The distinctive character of the “mother brand” Veneta Cucine comes close to the consumer and it is declined according to the specific characteristics of the shops and the peculiarities of their territory.

The brand has strong roots.

The stores brand design of the stores alludes clearly and directly to the Veneta Cucine “mother brand”.
Some variations have been studied, to grant an effective visualisation on all media.

Positioning: near you

The advertising and editorial campaign positions Veneta Cucine stores as an extension of the brand value and it characterizes them as ideal interlocutors of families for their ability to offer advice and services to fit every need.

Visibility on the territory

Billboard spaces, posters, outdoor signages enhance visibility and help the Veneta Cucine Points to become “flagship stores” in their territory.