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In Absolut works a team of expert, flexible, well assorted and close-knitted team, made up by eclectic people, working successfully together for many years.

In activity since 2001, the Agency comprises strong and complementary professionals, experts in the fields of publicity communication, digital media, ideation, organization and management of events and public relations, developed in markets both B2B and B2C.

We are interdisciplinary, multi-service, multi-sectorial, cross-medial, capable of traditional or very innovative approaches. Every project is an occasion to build a new approach and a custom plan: the best for creating value.

We promise our customers, quality, commitment and results.

Knock on our door. You will find the partner you are searching for.

years of fieldwork
obsession: quality and results

Our values

The compliance with the commitments

The continuous innovation and improvement

The quality as an essencial element

Intelligence, professionalism and creativity


“Absolut is a complete, flexible agengcy, with multi-sectorial skills, able to cover all the communication process from its ideation to its implementation.” Marco Amadori (Project manager SRM)

“Bewared of the customer, timely and efficient. Precise and on time even in situations which need rapid intervention, they speed/shoot/whizz through “the” traffic of daily operations.” Paolo Colle (Marketing director – Veneta Cucine)

“Absolut collaborates with G.D in the realization of communication projects, giving an active and proposite support. Thanks to their competence in both the visual and copy fields, Absolut knew how to propose original and complete solutions, answering to our needs in a fast, precise way.”  Beatrice Bussolari e Stefano Chini (Marketing G.D –  Coesia Group)

“They transformed our cloudy ideas in revealing images.” Paola Anfossi (Owner and Business Developer Manager Vetspin)

“I met the staff of Absolut only 1 year ago, but I feel like I’ve known them for ages. Professional, expert, reliable and never banal, here’s how I could define them. They have always proposed themselves proactively, succeeding the appointed objective and working with high professionalism and independently. Careful, pragmatic and creative. Not only a communication agency but also an excellent partner you can rely on.” Francesca Ravaioli (Product Manager Guaber – Coloreria Italiana)

“They were good to decline our needs on a pack very innovative and efficient.”. Andrea Parravicini (Sales Manager/Commercial Manager – Relevi)

“In Absolut we found a partner able to deeply understand our product dynamics and to express our ideas in a very short time. Starting from the new logo, we were able to create a plethora of materials who empowered our communication” Matteo Ligabue (Animal Care Division Director – Vetspin)

Communicating in Bologna

Absolut is among the co-founders of Federeventi Bologna, is associated with Bologna Convention Bureau and has a great asset of experience and relations in Bologna territory, developed in over 100 profit, non-profit, commercial and institutional projects in our city and in Emilia-Romagna region, aiming at promoting the excellences of our territory in the public and private sector. We believe in the strength o the system-Bologna: we work with a qualified network of local actors, to develop services and projects in partnership and plural convergence of interests.

An expert interlocutor for public entities and institutions

Absolut has a portfolio of more than 50 projects for the Public Administration, in which it made the best of its double role of communication agency and event organizer. Being charged or having won some public tenders, Absolut organizes with excellent results institutional events, conferences and conventions, develops the ATL and BTL communication to the citizens and operators and officials of the PA itself.

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