Absolut & Marka24: motion and emotion

Among our professional partnerships, a very particular synergy binds us to Marka24, an independent media factory specializing in highly innovative video productions with a suggestive “artisanal” flavor.
Working together, with passion and meticulousness, we create videos for all communication needs and specially conceived for social platforms: sartorial pills in which strategy, professionalism, and a captivating authorial signature give life to exciting creations.

Sartorial creations to leave a mark

We carefully study, stitch and refine clips, trailers, reels, stories, and other productions to maximize attractiveness, hype, and engagement on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and other platforms.
The video productions by Absolut & Marka24 leave their mark, capturing the attention and always putting their protagonists in the right light, giving maximum prominence to their values and contents.

A video project to enhance your business

For each project, we carefully study the needs and expectations of our partners, searching for the right tone of voice and gaze to convey values, messages, and emotions.
The result is an approach with a proudly artisanal setting aimed at satisfying business objectives and the fundamental need to generate returns. And which, at the same time, always focuses on creativity to capture attention and involvement.