Client: G.D

  • G.D – Coesia booth identity design
  • Booth’s visual communication development

For the international fair World Tobacco in Dubai, one of the most important planetary appointments for the market of tobacco packaging machines, Absolut manages the design, development and graphic realization for the booth identity of G.D and of Coesia tobacco division.

Visual communication: a synergy of values

Absolut develops a new format for Coesia’s visual communication, using a distinctive style and mood hinting at the Group Companies’ logos, then creating the communication for the booth, telling with evocative, strong impact images the strengths and identities of the Companies forming Coesia tobacco division.

While every image describes the characteristics of a Company, the ensamble identifies the whole Group: a synergy of excellences, a multinational galaxy of resources and solution telling of an undeniable leadership on the global market, which values are communicated through a strong visual impact.


Booth identity: a talking space

Absolut manages also the product communication, studying the position, format and graphics for the panes containing the specifics for the exhibited machines, and of each element of the booth, designing and positioning them so as to maximize their impact and efficiency. Thus, it is possible to create an original and qualifying communication, of great added value.

Telling about authority and leadership

Inside the booth, the image of a planisphere, appropriately treated and processed, occupies the walls of the space inside which a small conference room as been created. An impressive solution, which communicates in a direct way the world-wide presence and leadership in the field of the represented companies.

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