• Strategic consulting
  • PR towards public and private institutions
  • Press office & media relations
  • advertising

Communicative energy for the engine of the Made in BO business

For Centergross, for 40 years the main European pole of Made in Italy fast fashion and European services, with 700 hosted companies and 10,000 buyers and daily visitors, we have developed and implemented a promotional strategy aimed at achieving fundamental business objectives.
Above all, strengthen relations with local institutions and the realities of excellence of the Bolognese production system, increase the visibility and reputation of the pole in the local fabric, and encourage the entry of new companies and new entrepreneurs as a whole.

Prepare the ground for the growth of the territory

To implement the strategy, we have identified a heterogeneous and authoritative public, made up of both entrepreneurs and public administrators. It is to them that we turned, to involve them and make them aware of the importance of the pole for the local area, laying the foundations for the creation or strengthening of important relationships.

From one-to-one relationships to design synergies

We have dedicated the utmost attention to each of these relationships. To find common areas of interest, identify new potential synergies, and promote project convergence on transversal initiatives capable of guaranteeing repercussions in the local context.

Reputation grows, business grows

With a press office action, particularly focused on the fashion and finance sectors, and thanks to the ability to create virtuous relationships with the local media, we were able to guarantee strong visibility of the logistics center and encourage the entry of new entrepreneurs to its indoor. A growth in terms of reputation and visibility which in turn triggered the growth of the center and its turnover, the consolidation of its local and international image, and its network of institutional relations.