• Digital event production
  • Naming & visual identity
  • Direction
  • Social streaming & sharing
  • Digital campaigns

A digital native format

On behalf of CNA Young Entrepreneurs Emilia-Romagna, we produced and organized the live-streaming digital event Next Way Future Direction: Ideas For Tomorrow.
A task that we have managed at 360 °: from visual communication to its production and direction, passing through promotion and technical assistance, ensuring the success of an initiative with a high rate of innovation and technological vocation.

Visual identity and social campaigns: a virtual event with a solid ground

The planning of the event begins with the choice of the title and the definition of the visual identity, essential for an entirely digital initiative to be characterized in every single moment.
This is followed by the organization of three advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, to catalyze the right attention on the appointment and increase the audience of participants as much as possible.

Act, live-stream, share!

The live management of the event contemplates the direction of the live streaming, during which various speakers, experts, and institutional representatives alternate, constant technical support to the promoters, and social streaming & sharing activities, through the sharing of the broadcast in multi-stream on two platforms Facebook and YouTube, coordination in moderation and the response to comments and questions from users.

Generating quantity by focusing on quality

The event is characterized by a fluidity and executive effectiveness that allows you to fully grasp the richness of the in-depth content.
As evidence of careful and constant management and support, but also from the point of view of promotion through social media, the thousands of views on Facebook and YouTube during the course of the work speak, with 70% of new users not included among the followers of the page, and 2,000 interactions to posts published before, during and after the conference.