• Organizational planning and management of the event
  • Pre & in-event communication

The open house to motivate employees and families

For Temix-Oleo, an Italian multinational that produces and markets basic chemical products from renewable sources and intended for various industrial sectors all over the world, we organized an open house event aimed at employees and their families.
The event consisted of a guided tour of the company’s production plant, to show first-hand the production and service dimension of the multinational, and its important contribution to the service of the national and European chemical sector.

Organization, planning,… success!

In support of the client, we took care of the organizational secretariat of the event, managing the technical operations, catering services, reception, and the preparation of what is necessary for the success of the event.
Motivate, reassure, inform, and entertain the keywords that inspired our work, ensuring the success of the initiative and allowing visitors to touch a dimension that is difficult to imagine and describe in words.