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The sweetness of solidarity

From Majani 1796, the historic Bolognese brand of chocolate, we are commissioned to take care of the press office activities on the occasion of the launch of the “Dolce Soccorso CRIMino” initiative.
In collaboration with CRI – Italian Red Cross, the customer creates a special version of his “classic”: the legendary Fiat Cremino. Part of the proceeds is intended for the purchase of 200 automatic defibrillators, to be donated to numerous elderly centers throughout Italy.

Planning and networking: the recipe for visibility

After defining a database of over 600 contacts between televisions, radios, and local and national newspapers – generalist and specialized in food and health – we start an intense work of contact and generation of relationships, to maximize the presence of the press at the presentation event.

Dulcis in the event

The participation of numerous journalists at the conference, held in Bologna in the evocative setting of the oratory of San Filippo Neri, the press coverage and journalistic services dedicated to the initiative by the main local radios and televisions, as well as various portals and web media, made it possible to give full visibility to a sweet and important project, designed to marry the goodness of taste with that of the heart.