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Digital and hybrid events of the best level: discover the Absolut method

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In recent years, we have highly specialized in designing and organizing digital and hybrid event formats: focusing on a method based on listening, professionalism, and passion, to make every appointment a highly effective and engaging experience.

Whether it’s a conference, a trade show, or a congress, we know how to bring everyone together virtually. By making a digital or hybrid event an immersive experience.

From the virtual location to the management of the participants, we follow the creation of the virtual room, the technical aspects, and production processes – for which we have already earned an excellent reputation – of each online or hybrid appointment.

We operate as the direction and production team of a live television program. Orchestrating live content, and embedding graphics, animation, music, and video. We make sure everything runs smoothly, injecting high production values and elevating the event to a whole new level.

We can simultaneously stream live on social media pages – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – or create a dedicated channel on YouTube and Twitch. If the conference is confidential, we can design a private virtual room on the organizer’s website or host the stream in our virtual space.

Our organizational secretariat takes care of the speakers’ management and follows all the technical tests. Added to these activities is the collection and management of registrations: from creating a registration form to sending indications and reminders regarding the connection.

Our digital direction exempts all speakers from the apprehension of turning on the microphone at the right time or having to share their slides correctly during the live broadcast. Our technicians adjust the audio, show the slides and communicate with the speakers via a private chat.

In addition to making a virtual or hybrid event run smoothly, we can communicate it across all online channels. Social editorial calendars, promotional campaigns, newsletters, and landing pages are the tools that offer visibility and participation in a virtual appointment. We know how to use them with style!

We are aware of the importance of communicating an event and our communication team makes sure that every element is valued.

Are you planning a virtual event?

If you wish to organize your events effectively, why not call us for an informal discussion? We make your goal our goal and will help you achieve more than you could imagine.

Contact us by mail, web or on +39 051 27 25 23 to receive a free quote and learn about all our services for digital and hybrid events.

Want to fuel your virtual and hybrid dating engagement?

There are many ways to improve the engagement levels of digital or hybrid events. Inspiring content, great activity, and high production values are all key. Find out now five successful ways to make a virtual or hybrid event a very engaging experience: click here.

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