• Communication strategy and plan
  • Brand identity
  • Web & social
  • Event organization
  • Press office
  • Promotion of special projects

Communication strategy and plan

In 2020 we once again collaborated with the coordination staff of ADER, the Emilia-Romagna Digital Agenda, the main programming tool for digital and technological innovation of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
Objective: to define an all-round communication and promotion framework, to promote the strategies and activities of the Agenda, in a moment of fundamental transition and relaunch following the establishment of the new Council. To convey to citizens, business administrations, and other stakeholders the fundamental importance of the goal of creating a 100% digital Region.

A communication plan to promote the new digital plans

All the activities carried out, or in progress in the coming months, are defined in a strategic framework developed with a communication plan that contemplates the integrated use of various means and tools, to reach the multiple recipients and interlocutors of ADER. Starting with the stakeholders who will have to actively participate in the writing of the new Digital Agenda of reference for the administrative mandate inaugurated in 2020.

Web, social and press office: let’s let innovation speak

The editorial management of the institutional website and its social channels is the main tool for promptly informing about the initiatives and activities implemented in the context of regional innovation policy.
The digital story is accompanied by a coordinated and constant press office activity: to ensure that such ambitious and important policies and objectives find the right visibility in sector and generalist newspapers, both locally and nationally.

Insieme Connessi: from emergency to opportunity

A few months after the start of the collaboration, the Covid-19 emergency disrupts all institutional activities, including those of ADER. In a very short time, thanks also to our contribution, the Insieme Connessi project was born, a participatory schedule for the dissemination of digital skills through video content transmitted daily on the web and digital terrestrial TV.
We actively contribute to the project, defining the concept, naming and visual identity of the schedule, and promptly promoting its contents with a mini website designed by us, social channels, and press office activities.

AFTER: evolution is visible to the eyes

Among the actions envisaged in the new communication, there is also the promotion of the third edition of “AFTER. Futuri Digitali ”, the regional digital festival. Scheduled for May 2020 in Ravenna, the festival will change its formula due to the health emergency. Remaining an appointment that we will contribute to enhancing and making it increasingly popular and participated, taking advantage of the previous communication experience at the service of the first edition of the event, held in the Modena area.

The future is already here. And it’s time to make it visible

For the launch of the exhibition, a hundred events including conferences, talks and demonstrations told of a digital future that is partly already present, we have developed the creative concept “Evolution is visible to the eyes”, the online and offline communication plan, press office and social media management activities, with content editing, video and visual storytelling actions, and engagement through the support of influencers and virtual communities. A 360 ° commitment to creating the best conditions for the preparation of the event and that amplifies its visibility, the value, and participation of the public.